It has been a pleasure working with Telford Mann. Their expertise and advice has been invaluable to Featurespace as an organisation and all of our team. If you ever have the opportunity to work with them, jump at the chance!

As a creative company with a young, dynamic workforce of about 25 people, Siren Design needed a scheme that would be flexible and an advisor that could ensure a smooth entry into it. Telford Mann provided us with a faultless service that informed the staff, minimised the workload for Management and provided us with a scheme that encouraged a 100% enrolment. They have since become an invaluable resource, both for the company and its employees, on a whole range of financial matters.

We enjoy a close working relationship with Telford Mann which offers an additional benefit to our employees with confidential, professional advice on hand when we need it.

When auto-enrolment came along, we needed to put a pension scheme in place that was easy to run and allowed us to comply with the new rules. Telford Mann helped us to find the right pension scheme, communicated it to our workforce and they remain on hand to help us with any questions we may have either in person, by email or by phone.

As a local Charity it is not enough just looking for a business that offer everyday Financial Services. It is so important that a professional relationship is built around values and beliefs of the two organisations. We have always found that Telford Mann to have that community mind-set that we look for and a real understanding of the Voluntary Sector.