How We Work

How Our Financial Planning Service Works - How We Work

  • Step 1 – Initial Meeting

    How we work is that the first step is for you to meet with one of our planners. There is no cost to you for this initial meeting. This meeting helps us to gain a broad understanding of your circumstances and requirements. It also enables you to find out about us, the services we offer and the likely costs of using our services. If you wish to proceed further, you will be issued with an engagement letter detailing the services to be provided and the related charges.

    We will then need to gather more detailed information. This will include going through a questionnaire with you to find out more about your financial circumstances and your objectives.

  • Step 2 – Financial Planning – How We work

    Following that meeting, your planner will determine the steps you should consider taking. Your plan will be constructed using a range of financial building blocks where appropriate. From savings and investments, to pensions, life cover and tax planning.

    We predominantly recommend our own investment services and solutions. This means our investment advice is Restricted Advice under the rules of our regulator the Financial Conduct Authority. On the occasions where our own investment solutions are not suitable for you, we may recommend investment products and services provided by other product providers selected from across the marketplace. We are also able to determine the ongoing suitability of existing investments you may hold and these will be taken into account in formulating your plan.

  • Step 3- Second Meeting

    This, our second meeting, is where we go through our recommendations with you, step by step. What happens next is up to you. You can choose to accept our financial planning advice straight away or take your recommendations report home with you to consider further. Either way, you’ll not be rushed into a decision. In fact, whether you accept all, some, or none of your planner’s recommendations, is up to you.

  • Step 4 – Implementing the Financial Planning

    As and when you’re ready to go ahead, we will implement our recommendation.


  • Step 5 – Review – How We Work

    Your life, income and circumstances will change as time goes by. It’s likely that some of those changes will affect your financial plans. We are therefore able to offer services that include regular reviews. By meeting with your planner on a regular basis, how we work is that he or she can ensure that the arrangements made six or twelve months ago continue to remain as appropriate and effective as they should be. If your financial affairs are particularly complex, it may be necessary to meet more frequently than once or twice a year. The different services we can offer and the associated charges will be explained at our initial meeting.

If you would like to talk to one of our planners, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.