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  • Jon Telford

    Executive Chairman - Chartered Financial Planner

    Jon joined the company in 2004. He is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the Investment Management Certificate.

    Jon is experienced in all areas of financial planning. Whilst in his role as Joint Managing Director he spends an increasing amount of time managing the business, he is also keen to meet new and existing clients. Particularly to gain their feedback.

    Outside of work, Jon is a passionate Northampton Saints supporter and can be found in the Telford Mann box at Franklins Gardens most weekends.

    In this video Jon Telford discusses why Telford Mann is different from other Financial Advisors.

  • Jilly Mann

    Joint Managing Director

    Jilly joined the company in 2005. She is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the Investment Management Certificate.

    There is very little that goes on within the business that Jilly is not involved in. Not only does she manage the operations side of the business, but she is also very much involved in the advisory aspects. However, Jilly’s most significant role is heading up our Model Portfolio Service under which we manage more than £750 million on behalf of our clients.

    Outside of work, Jilly follows most sports, but particularly rugby, cricket and tennis. She also plays the classical guitar.

  • Aaron Lock


    Aaron joined Telford Mann in March 2022 as a Paraplanner and he is  a Physics graduate from the University of Leicester. His long-term goal is to progress in the financial sector and he hopes to become a Chartered Paraplanner.

    Outside of work, Aaron is a massive football fan and supports Chelsea FC. He also likes to spend many hours watching Formula 1.

  • Adam Ellis

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Adam joined Telford Mann in 2015 and in August 2020 Adam achieved Chartered and Fellowship status. Adam is a Senior Paraplanner and is a quiet and unassuming team member. He is unfailingly polite and his willingness to get on and help clients with the minimum of fuss cannot be underestimated.

    Beyond work, Adam is a real team player.  Adam is always willing to put himself forward for events, be that five a side football or debuting in a local charity boxing match to raise money for a seriously ill local chap.  His recent charity exploits have lead him to claim the crown as the fastest member of the Telford Mann team on 4 wheels.

  • Alex Fidler

    Operations Assistant

    Alex has joined Telford Mann from previous roles in the finance industry. Having a degree in Finance and Banking, Alex is keen to learn more about Financial Planning and to use her skills and knowledge to help Telford Mann clients

    Outside of work, Alex enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys baking, gardening and loves the sea and also likes anything related to DIY.

  • Anastasija Blazevica


    Anastasija originally completed a psychology degree, but always knew she wanted to work in finance. Combining her passion for finance, alongside her desire to work directly with clients she has joined Telford Mann as a Trainee with the aim to become a Chartered Financial Planner.

    In her spare time, she tends to be spending quality time with family or friends. She is also a big foodie and enjoys trying new dishes

  • Bahadur Gill

    Senior Operations Assistant

    Bahadur joined Telford Mann in February 2022 as an Operations Assistant. Having graduated with a degree in Business Economics, Bahadur is keen to learn more about the financial services industry and build a career as a Financial Advisor. Both the theoretical and practical methods of learning given by Telford Mann will consequently enable Bahadur to hone his skills to provide the best level of service for our clients.

    Outside of work Bahadur enjoys spending time with family and friends, as a major foodie Bahadur enjoys trying different cuisines.

  • Charlie Hancock

    Senior Investment Analyst - Chartered Financial Planner

    Charlie joined Telford Mann in 2013. He is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the discretionary investment management qualification.

    Charlie originally studied Business at Peterborough Regional College. Despite the offer of a University place, he decided his future lay in financial planning. He has focused his academic studies on gaining professional qualifications.

    Charlie is our Senior Investment Analyst and is a key member of the Telford Mann investment management team in addition to helping to oversee our platform operations and cash flow modelling.

    Charlie is the office petrolhead and spends his spare time researching cars. There is nothing he doesn’t know about the latest engine release or tyre design.

  • Charlotte Knight

    Senior Operations Assistant

    Charlotte joined Telford Mann in October 2016 and is progressing with her financial planning exams.

    Charlotte has developed her skills to become a key member of the administration team dealing with a wide range of queries to ensure all clients receive the best quality, efficient and comprehensive service.

    Beyond work, Charlotte enjoys spending time with family and friends going to Zumba classes twice a week. She also goes to her local pub for the pub quiz on most Wednesdays with friends and family.

  • Craig McMillan


    Craig previously worked for many years as a mortgage and protection adviser and decided to move into the world of financial planning. Despite achieving a degree in English AND History at Keele University he decided a career in finance would be more appropriate.

    Outside of work he is married and has a cat called Stan. He has been playing guitar for 20+ years and is a keen motorsport and cricket fan.

  • Daniel Oliver


    Daniel joined Telford Mann as a Trainee after graduating from the University of Durham with a degree in Biology. Having realised that he does not want to spend his days researching in a laboratory, he is looking forward to working with clients and continuing his learning by working towards the Chartered Financial Planner qualification.

    Outside of the office Daniel enjoys walking in the countryside, watching as much Formula One as he can and cooking, with his signature dish being chorizo and cannelloni bean stew.

  • Emma Shuttleworth


    Emma is naturally curious and always willing to learn new things. After completing a psychology degree, Emma decided to focus on starting a career in financial services. Emma is eager to learn more about working with clients and understanding all about pensions and investments. Since joining Telford Mann, Emma has already achieved her Diploma and is currently working towards an Advanced Diploma. Emma is working hard everyday to deliver the excellent service Telford Mann clients deserve.

    Outside of work, she is interested in travelling and particularly in Asia. Emma had the joy of living in Japan for a few years as a child. She also enjoys going to the gym and spending time with family and friends.

  • Harry Gallogly


    Harry joined Telford Mann in August 2021 as a Paraplanner. Prior to Telford Mann, Harry recently graduated from The University of York and is keen to build a career within pensions and investments.

    Outside of work Harry is an active person, participating in football, running and swimming. With a keen interest in football, Harry enjoys regular 6 a-side, charity games and matches with friends and family. In addition to this, he believes Peterborough United will be in the Premier League soon.

  • Hiran Maher


    Hiran recently joined Telford Mann in May 2021 as a Paraplanner. With an educational background in Business, Banking, and Finance, she is well-equipped and excited to further her learning and begin her career with Telford Mann.

    Outside of work, Hiran enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends. At home, she is often found baking for her family or gardening.

  • Huw Powell

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Huw is responsible for regulatory issues and helps design our processes and procedures. He has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector. Having held roles in the areas of advice, management, investment management, technical, training and compliance.

    Huw is a Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. He also holds the internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner certification.

    Huw is an avid fly angler and is a director of his local angling association.

  • Ike Onwuegbuzie

    Operations Assistant

    Ike graduated in 2022 with a BSc degree in economics. Having joined Telford Mann, he is excited to learn and develop his knowledge in the financial sector and aspires to build a career as a financial planner.

    Outside of work Ike is an avid football fan, supporting Chelsea as well as also playing for a local Saturday team.

  • Jaki Moorehead

    Senior Personal Assistant

    After living and working overseas for 25 years Jaki returned to England in 2004 having lived the last 18 years in Australia.

    Jaki worked for 16 years with Peterborough City Council at PA level in various departments including Education, Adult Social Care and Law before starting her new role with Telford Mann.

    Jaki is a very keen traveller and especially loves cruising. Her biggest personal achievement was climbing the highest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo

  • Jake Perry


    Jake joined Telford Mann as a trainee, having graduated from University studying BA (Hons) Football Business and Finance. Jake’s dream has always been to forge a career within financial services and is looking forward to completing the qualifications necessary to succeed within the industry.

    After completing his studies, Jake went travelling across Europe to experience new cultures and a variety of sporting events. Attending 7 football games in 7 days across Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, and France. Outside of work Jake is an avid sports fan, playing any sport that involves a ball and regularly plays football during the week and on Sundays. Jake is partial to 20th century music, Elvis and Oasis are the main headliners that make up his diverse playlist.

  • Jonny Forster

    Financial Planner

    Jonny joined Telford Mann in July 2019 as a Paraplanner. Having since achieved his Diploma, Jonny is working towards his Advanced Diploma as he continues to expand his knowledge of the industry.

    After completing his Business Studies degree, Jonny has spent much of his working life abroad, teaching English in Vietnam and leading educational trips to Yellowstone National Park and Uruguay.

    Outside of work Jonny is an avid sports fan, playing football for his local Saturday team. When not having to endure Newcastle United’s ups (very few) and downs (quite a few), Jonny loves listening to a wide array of music, from the Rolling Stones to Kendrick Lamar. He also believes you can’t beat a good book.

  • Kieron Brace

    Senior Chartered Financial Planner

    Kieron joined Telford Mann in 2010. He is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the Investment Management Certificate.

    Kieron assists clients with a wide array of financial planning needs, but has a particular interest in investments and more complicated financial planning. Especially for clients approaching or in retirement.

    Outside of work, Kieron has a busy family life. Despite claims to have hung up his boots, he remains the lynchpin in his local football team. Not content with just playing, Kieron is now training the next generation of England football stars via his son’s junior football team.

  • Kimberley Tyson

    Head of Paraplanning - Chartered Financial Planner

    Kimberley joined Telford Mann in 2014 and has completed her Chartered Financial Planner qualification. More recently she has become a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

    Kimberley heads up the paraplanning team and has quickly developed into become one of our most senior team members. Kimberley’s methodical and patient way of working has led her to start training some of the newer team members to become paraplanners, setting them the same high standards as she insists upon herself.

    Kimberley is popular amongst the team for her baking, her flapjacks proving especially popular. Her insight into farming often leads to some quite enlightening conversations. Kimberley has taken up running and spends most of her free time training her new puppy Toffee.

  • Kirstie Day


    Kirstie joined Telford Mann in April 2021 as a Trainee Paraplanner. She has since been working hard towards her qualifications.

    In her spare time Kirstie tries to be active and would like to try some new activities this year. She also enjoys to occasionally bake, with cookies being her speciality (although would prefer not to talk about her cake making skills).


  • Melanie Bond

    Personal Assistant to the Directors

    Melanie joined Telford Mann in 2014 and assists Jilly to keep the team and business working to optimum effect.

    Melanie has developed an excellent range of skills over the years accrued from a variety of roles. Telford Mann has proven an ideal arena for those skills to be showcased. In particular helping Jilly with newer members of the team to ensure that they understand the Telford Mann “way” and adapt to life working with us.

    Many of our clients have also come to know Melanie as the key point of contact after meetings. Melanie co-ordinates all our meeting notes to ensure that clients have a thorough record of their discussions with us.

    Beyond work, Melanie enjoys watching rugby, finding lovely places to travel and singing and dancing along to a good show with friends and family.

  • Moira Fulton

    Office Administrator

    Having worked in various jobs in the UK Moira flew off to New Zealand to help a friend for a few months and ended up staying for 18 and a half years. During this time she worked in a number of roles for New Zealand Government agencies and she travelled extensively.

    Moira travelled back to the UK in 2021 to celebrate her parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary with them and stayed to enjoy time with her family in the Northern hemisphere.  Having sold up and shipped out of New Zealand, she is looking forward to enjoying life in her English cottage and is keen to learn as much as she can in her new role at Telford Mann, helping the team to keep delivering at the highest level.

    Moira is still planning to travel whenever she can to enjoy all the wonders of the world.

  • Naigil Johnson


    Naigil joined Telford Mann as a Trainee, having graduated with a Msc degree in Accounting and Finance. Naigil is keen to pursue a career in the financial services and is looking forward to completing all the relevant qualifications related to becoming a Chartered Financial Planner.

    Outside of work, Naigil enjoys participating in badminton as well as watching the football. Naigil enjoys travelling to different countries and exploring their cultures as well as trying out their cuisines.

  • Natasha Hydleman

    Senior Chartered Financial Planner

    Natasha joined Telford Mann in 2014. Natasha is a Senior Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the discretionary investment management qualification.

    Natasha works with a variety of clients, but has become our leading expert in workplace pensions and auto-enrolment. Natasha has presented on this subject to many employers and their workforces together with specialist seminars for banks and pension providers.

    Beyond work, Natasha tours the globe as part of the Nottingham-based Lace City Choir. With her highlight to date, being the Ladies Barbershop Choir World Finals in Las Vegas in 2015 as well as being an encyclopaedia on the latest green smoothie recipes.

    In this video we learn about Natasha’s progression to Chartered Status and her extra important role as Head Gardener; the person in charge of coordinating the gardening gang at Telford Mann.

  • Nicola Gough

    Office Administrator

    Nicola has a creative streak and lifelong passion for art and although she admits to not being very good, she enjoys woodcarving and pottery classes where she has produced varying levels of interesting collections of both ‘useful’ and ‘one-off unique’ treasures, which can be found scattered around her home. A wheel thrown ‘wobbly’ shaped egg bowl and hand carved wooden ‘Moai’ inspired head are particular favourites.

    She does not enjoy trying to keep her garden tame but does attempt to grow her own flowers and vegetables. She loves baking, cooking and being immersed in a good book (not on gardening).

  • Owen Coker


    Owen is a mathematics graduate from the University of Leicester.  He holds a keen interest in pursuing a career in financial services and is looking forward to progressing in this industry.

    Outside of work, Owen enjoys spending time both watching and playing football. As a keen sports fan, he also spends many hours watching Formula One and Cricket.

  • Paul Dawes

    Senior Chartered Financial Planner

    Prior to joining Telford Mann, Paul spent most of his career working for an employee benefits advisory firm, before moving on to another local firm of IFAs.

    Throughout this period, Paul came to understand the importance of high quality financial advice and developed strong beliefs in how he wanted to help his clients.

    Paul is instrumental in guiding new Financial Planners in their early days, by mentoring them and providing training and support.

    Outside of work he enjoys holidays with his family and the odd game of golf. Paul is also a keen follower of the Gunners. England’s disappointment in the 2022 World Cup has not marred his love of the beautiful game.

  • Rebecca Richens

    Operations Assistant

    Becca joined Telford Mann in October 2023 after being in Administration for 10 years and more recently a PA to the Directors of a Metrology company.

    She enjoys being organised, to do lists, processes and anything colour-coded and is always the go to person in her family and friendship groups to do any of the organising.

    During her spare time she enjoys Street Dance, Freestyle and Ballroom dancing, anything health and fitness, going to the gym and currently working through the Insanity challenge. She loves spending time with my family and friends and looking after her three fur babies, so I’m always on the go.

  • Richard McDonald

    Joint Managing Director - Chartered Financial Planner

    Richard joined Telford Mann in 2013 and is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society as well as completing his discretionary investment management qualification..

    Richard has used his Chartered Financial Planner qualifications to assist a range of clients from all walks of life. When he first joined Telford Mann, Richard was integral to building our proposition for workplace pensions. He has helped a number of employers, both large and small, through the auto-enrolment process. From there, Richard has become a key sounding board for his clients to assist them with all areas of their personal financial planning needs.

    Outside of work, Richard plays as a forward for the Bedford Mens Hockey 1st XI. Preferring the glory of striking the winning goal to the dangers of defence.

  • Sam Matcham

    Chartered Financial Planner - Head of Client Services

    Sam joined Telford Mann in 2011 and has over the years dedicated time and effort to qualify as a Chartered Financial Planner.

    Sam heads up our administration team and has become a firm favourite with many of our clients, who he has been looking after for a number of years. Sam is passionate about ensuring his team maintain the highest levels of client service.

    Beyond work, Sam has a busy family life, but enjoys picking up his guitar whenever he gets a chance. It would be fair to say that Sam isn’t a natural action man. However, he has thrown himself into many of our team events, with the tough mudder and the running leg of the Hyde Park triathlon ranking as his highest physical achievements and some of the most entertaining for his teammates.

  • Sarah Marshall

    Senior Office Administrator

    Sarah joined Telford Mann in 2017, having spent much of her career working for the NHS in various guises.

    Sarah is the Senior Office Administrator working with the whole team to ensure the smooth running of the office and she is expert in booking in client meetings as well as ensuring follow up notes are issued promptly.  She is always ready to pitch in and help her colleagues when she can, as well as helping clients.

    Outside of work Sarah enjoys spending time with family and friends but sometimes like to spend time by herself with a good book.  Sarah also ‘enjoys’ exercising, whether it’s in the gym, punishing her legs at her weekly indoor cycling class or out on her bicycle!

  • Tom Bonser

    Financial Planner

    Tom joined Telford Mann in May 2021 after working in a sales role following graduating from university. He has learned from the experienced staff around him and his ambition is to become a Chartered Financial Planner once he completes the relevant qualifications. Having studied economics at university he is well prepared for continued success at Telford Mann.

    Outside of work Tom plays and follows rugby as well as recently picking up golf which he enjoys a lot. Tom is also a very keen chef, a skill he used in depth when running a chalet in the French ski resort of Avoriaz.

  • Will Chudley

    Trainee Financial Planner

    Will joined Telford Mann in September 2023. Prior to this he played professional rugby for 14 years during which time he achieved degrees in Sports Management, Leadership and Management and an Executive MBA.

    Having realised Will can’t spend all his days on the rugby field, he is transitioning into the world of finance and is very much looking forward to developing his career at Telford Mann.

    Outside of work, Will is married and has 2 young daughters. Any spare time will be spent with the family, watching sports or playing golf.

  • William Binks

    Financial Planner

    William Binks joined Telford Mann in June 2021 as a Paraplanner. As a recent graduate having completed an MSc in Economics focusing on investments and banking, he is looking forward to progressing with Telford Mann, learning from his peers, as well as studying towards becoming a Chartered Financial planner in the future.

    Outside of work William enjoys going to the gym as well as watching the football. He also likes cooking and is always looking for new recipes to try out.

  • Yvonne Welch

    Office Administrator

    Yvonne has predominately been in the Legal profession for most of her career. Changing to a Financial environment has been a whole new, yet enjoyable experience for her.

    Yvonne took up scuba diving 4 years ago with her son-in-law. This allowed her to fulfil a lifelong dream of swimming with sharks in Australia twice. She is a keen swimmer and also a bit of a “petrol head”. Cars are a great passion of hers, mainly the older type. She and her partner between them have 3 Jaguar cars.

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