Our People

  • Jon Telford

    Joint Managing Director

    Jon joined the company in 2004. He is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the Investment Management Certificate.

    Jon is experienced in all areas of financial planning and whilst in his role as Joint Managing Director he spends an increasing amount of time managing the business, he is also keen to meet new and existing clients, particularly to gain their feedback.

    Outside of work, Jon is a passionate Northampton Saints supporter and can be found in the Telford Mann box at Franklins Gardens most weekends.

  • Jilly Mann

    Joint Managing Director

    Jilly joined the company in 2005. She is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the Investment Management Certificate.

    There is very little that goes on within the business that Jilly is not involved in. Not only does she manage the operations side of the business, but she is also very much involved in the advisory aspects. However, Jilly’s most significant role is heading up our discretionary investment management service under which we manage more than £420 million on behalf of our clients.

    Outside of work, Jilly follows most sports, but particularly rugby, cricket and tennis and plays the classical guitar.

  • Adam Ellis


    Adam joined Telford Mann in 2015 and has completed his Diploma in Financial Planning qualification. Adam works in the paraplanning team and is a quiet and unassuming team member. He is unfailingly polite and his willingness to get on and help clients with the minimum of fuss cannot be underestimated.

    Beyond work, Adam is a real team player as he manages his local football team in Corby and is always willing to put himself forward for events, be that five a side football or debuting in a local charity boxing match to raise money for a seriously ill local chap.

  • Charlie Hancock

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Charlie joined Telford Mann in 2013 and is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the discretionary investment  management qualification.

    Charlie originally studied Business at Peterborough Regional College and despite the offer of a University place, decided his future lay in financial planning and has focused his academic studies on gaining professional qualifications.

    Charlie has become a key member of the Telford Mann paraplanning team with a burgeoning interest in the investment management side of things.

    Charlie is the office petrolhead and spends his spare time researching cars. There is nothing he doesn’t know about the latest engine release or tyre design.

  • Charlotte Knight

    Operations Assistant

    Charlotte joined Telford Mann in October 2016 and aims to progress with her financial planning exams.

    Charlotte works on the admin team to assist with some of the key tasks for our clients, such as answering their queries.

    Beyond work, Charlotte enjoys spending time with family and friends. Charlotte go to Zumba classes twice a week and goes to her local pub for the pub quiz on most Wednesdays with friends and family.

  • Daniel Perkin


    Daniel joined Telford Mann in July 2018 having previously worked for a well-established discretionary wealth management firm in their stockbroking and probate departments. This experience, together with his conscientious and methodical work ethic are being put to use in our paraplanning department. Daniel will soon undertake further qualifications to support him in his role as a paraplanner.

    Outside of work, Daniel has a keen interest in aviation and holds his Private Pilot’s Licence. When Daniel isn’t in the clouds, he likes to spend time developing his art skills and keeping up-to-date with current affairs. He has a particular affection for China after being inspired by the country on his degree course and subsequently backpacking across the country alone.

  • Edward Cameron


    Edward joined Telford Mann in 2015 and has completed his Diploma in Financial Planning.

    Edward works in the paraplanning team, where his inquisitive nature and logical approach are well matched with composing the right advice for clients. Since joining us, Edward has demonstrated a desire to learn and ask the extra question to ensure that everything makes sense, key skills for a successful paraplanner to have.

    Edward has a keen interest in the wider world, having spent a year in Russia as part of his degree, which brings a different perspective to his work. Edward is the ultimate quiz team member, having seemingly monopolised all quizzes at university and he plays football for his local team in the week.

  • Harrison Cole

    Operations Assistant

    Harrison is from a background in Trading/Trader Assistance. In his spare time he enjoys going to Tottenham Games as a season ticket holder and trading currencies on the financial markets.

    He is looking to advance into a planning position when the time is right.

  • Huw Powell

    Compliance Officer

    Huw is responsible for regulatory issues and helps design our processes and procedures. He has over 30 years experience in the financial services sector having held roles in the areas of advice, management, investment management, technical, training and compliance.

    Huw is a Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. He also holds the internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner certification.

    Huw is an avid fly angler and is a director of his local angling association.

  • Josh Lowe


    Josh joined Telford Mann in August 2018 having previously worked for a discretionary wealth management firm within the advice department. The experience gained, along with a determined work ethic are being put to good use in the paraplanning department.

    Josh will soon undertake further qualifications to support him in his role as a paraplanner.

    Outside of work, Josh is an avid petrolhead and spends his spare time researching cars and attending motoring events around the UK.

  • Kieron Brace

    Senior Chartered Financial Planner

    Kieron joined Telford Mann in 2010. Kieron is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the Investment Management Certificate.

    Kieron assists clients with a wide array of financial planning needs, but has a particular interest in investments and more complicated financial planning, especially for clients approaching or in retirement.

    Outside of work, Kieron has a busy family life and despite claims to have hung up his boots, he remains the lynchpin in his local football team. Not content with just playing, Kieron is now training the next generation of England football stars via his son’s junior football team.

  • Kimberley Tyson


    Kimberley joined Telford Mann in 2014 and has completed her Diploma in Financial Planning qualification.

    Kimberley works in the paraplanning team and has quickly developed into become one of our most senior team members. Kimberley’s methodical and patient way of working has led her to start training some of the newer team members to become paraplanners, setting them the same high standards as she insists upon herself.

    Kimberley is popular amongst the team for her baking, her flapjacks proving especially popular and her insight into farming often leads to some quite enlightening conversations.

  • Luke O’Neill


    Luke joined Telford Mann in July 2017 and is working towards his Diploma in Financial Planning.

    Prior to joining us, Luke worked as a mortgage adviser in the Northampton area, but prior to that he gained experience studying in  the US and working in London for some national firms, all of which have led him to pursue a career with us in financial planning.

    Outside of work, Luke enjoys traveling, he has explored a vast array countries as well as having lived in Australia and America.

    A former chess prodigy, Luke is also an avid follower of most sports having played Football, Rugby, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket in his youth and he still attempts to get involved as much as possible. Although in recent years this has taken a back seat, instead choosing to try out the latest delicacies at the new restaurant everyone is talking about.

  • Luke Smulders


    Outside of work Luke tries to keep as fit as possible. In his younger years he competed in cycling road racing events at national and international level. He also held a couple of nation titles while in his teenage years. Nowadays he enjoys going to the gym and going on runs with his girlfriend.

    During the summer of 2018 he ran his first half marathon, he would now would like to combine his cycling background and new love of running to compete in a triathlon in 2019. He also thoroughly enjoys cooking and trying out new meals on his girlfriend and friends.

  • Melanie Bond

    Personal Assistant

    Melanie joined Telford Mann in 2014 and assists Jilly to keep the team and business working to optimum effect.

    Melanie has developed an excellent range of skills over the years accrued from a variety of roles. Telford Mann has proven an ideal arena for those skills to be showcased, in particular helping Jilly with newer members of the team to ensure that they understand the Telford Mann “way” and adapt to life working with us. Many of our clients have also come to know Melanie as the key point of contact after meetings as Melanie co-ordinates all our meeting notes to ensure that clients have a thorough record of their discussions with us.

    Beyond work, Melanie spends her time cooking and harvesting and enjoying her home grown vegetables.

  • Natasha Duncan

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Natasha joined Telford Mann in 2014. Natasha is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and holds the discretionary investment management qualification.

    Natasha works with a variety of clients, but has become our leading expert in workplace pensions and auto-enrolment. Natasha has presented on this subject to many employers and their workforces together with specialist seminars for banks and pension providers.

    Beyond work, Natasha tours the globe as part of the Nottingham-based Lace City Choir, with her highlight to date, being the Ladies Barbershop Choir World Finals in Las Vegas in 2015 as well as being an encyclopaedia on the latest green smoothie recipes.

  • Nikita McLaren

    Operations Assistant

    Nikita joined Telford Mann in 2018 having previously worked for a well-established discretionary wealth management firm after leaving school. Nikita is a member of the Personal Finance Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute.  Nikita has also achieved her Level 2 in providing financial services and is now aiming to progress through her financial planning exams.

    Nikita works in the Operations Team assisting with key tasks for our clients and the Telford Mann Team.

    Beyond work, Nikita likes to focus on her lifestyle and fitness at the gym and enjoys programmes about interior design.

  • Parag Shah

    Trainee Financial Planner

    Parag joined Telford Mann in April 2018 aiming to progress quickly with his financial planning exams.

    Parag works in the Operations Team assisting with key tasks for our clients and the Telford Mann team.

    Beyond work, Parag enjoys spending time with family and travelling. He enjoys all sports and is a big boxing fan.

  • Paul Dawes

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Prior to joining Telford Mann Paul spent most of his career working for an employee benefits advisory firm, before moving on to another local firm of IFAs.

    Throughout this period, Paul came to understand the importance of high quality financial advice and developed strong beliefs in how he wanted to help his clients.

    Paul is instrumental in guiding new Financial Planners in their early days by mentoring them and providing training and support.

    Outside of work he enjoys holidays with his family and the odd game of golf as well as being a keen follower of the Gunners. England’s disappointment in the 2018 World Cup has not marred his love of the beautiful game.

  • Richard McDonald

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Richard joined Telford Mann in 2013 and is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society as well as completing his discretionary investment management qualification..

    Richard has used his Chartered Financial Planner qualifications to assist a range of clients from all walks of life. When he first joined Telford Mann, Richard was integral to building our proposition for workplace pensions and has helped a number of employers, both large and small, through the auto-enrolment process. From there, Richard has become a key sounding board for his clients to assist them with all areas of their personal financial planning needs.

    Outside of work, Richard plays as a forward for the Bedford Mens Hockey 1st XI, preferring the glory of striking the winning goal to the dangers of defence.

  • Sam Matcham

    Head of Client Services

    Sam joined Telford Mann in 2011 and has completed his Diploma in Financial Planning as well as his discretionary investment management qualification.

    Sam heads up our administration team and has become a firm favourite with many of our clients, who he has been looking after for a number of years. Sam is studying for his Chartered Financial Planner exams and is passionate about ensuring his team maintain the highest levels of client service.

    Beyond work, Sam has a busy family life, but enjoys picking up his guitar whenever he gets a chance. It would be fair to say that Sam isn’t a natural action man, but he has thrown himself into many of our team events, with the tough mudder and the running leg of the Hyde Park triathlon ranking as his highest physical achievements and some of the most entertaining for his teammates.

  • Sarah Marshall

    Office Administrator

    Sarah joined Telford Mann in 2017, having spent much of her career working for the NHS in various guises.

    Sarah works with Melanie, primarily being the main point of contact for meeting notes, as well as assisting with the smooth running of the office.

    Outside of work Sarah enjoys spending time with family and friends but sometimes like to spend time by herself with a good book.  Sarah also ‘enjoys’ exercising, whether it’s in the gym, punishing her legs at her weekly indoor cycling class or out on a run!

  • Shoaib Ahmed


    Shoaib has joined Telford Mann as a paraplanner to work with the Financial Planners developing financial plans for clients.

    Outside of work, Shoaib enjoys cycling in his spare time and he harbours lofty aspirations of one day competing in the Tour de France. Other interests include following his football team (Tottenham), current affairs and music of the rock genre.

  • Simon Ashby

    Financial Planner

    Simon joined Telford Mann in 2015 and has completed his Diploma in Financial Planning.

    Simon is working towards his Chartered Financial Planner qualifications and is keen to complete the remaining papers as quickly as possible. Simon has a wealth of experience and especially enjoys helping families to ensure that all their financial planning needs are covered both now and in the future. Simon has also become a key member of our workplace pension’s team and spends much of his time assisting employers and their workforces understand the new pension rules.

    Beyond work Simon is one of the biggest Northampton Town FC supporters you will find, with the 2015/16 promotion season rewarding all his years of support. When not following the Cobblers, Simon has achieved his sailing qualifications and enjoys teaching the youngsters at his sailing club how to do it.

  • Tim Freedlander

    Cashflow Modelling Specialist

    Timothy joined Telford Mann in 2017 and is currently working hard to achieve his Diploma in Financial Planning by early 2018.

    Ever enthusiastic and polite to the core, Timothy relishes the opportunity to become fully submersed in his new role. With a previous life in the RAF, a genuine love of numbers and of meeting clients, he is aiming to become an integral member of the team.

    Timothy keeps himself busy both inside and outside of the office. When not spending time with his family, he spends the rest of his time learning anything and everything he can. A very keen martial artist with over 25 years’ experience, Timothy also enjoys skydiving, ski-touring and many other sports like golf, tennis and volleyball.

  • Toby Robinson

    Operations Assistant

    Toby joined Telford Mann as Operations Assistant to help with the administration of our clients and their financial planning.

    Outside of work, Toby enjoys watching both Football and Cricket, and is a big sports fan in general. Toby also likes to enjoy other hobbies such as going to the gym, spending time with friends and playing the drums when he gets a spare moment.

  • Victoria Allthorpe

    Senior Operations Assistant

    Vicky joined Telford Mann in 2014 and is working towards completing her Diploma in Financial Planning.

    Vicky has become a central part of our admin team and is the first port of call for a number of our clients. Vicky is responsible for looking after new clients to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the administration side of things from the start, as well as assisting with queries from existing clients.

    Outside of work, Vicky enjoys socialising with her friends and shopping, but especially for food as she is something of a cheese connoisseur, which she enjoys whilst watching the latest reality TV hit show.

  • Yvonne Welch

    Office Administrator

    Yvonne has predominately been in the Legal profession for most of her career and changing to a Financial environment has been a whole new, yet enjoyable experience for her.

    Yvonne took up scuba diving 4 years ago with her son-in-law and has fulfilled a lifelong dream of swimming with sharks in Australia twice. She is a keen swimmer and also a bit of a “petrol head”. Cars are a great passion of hers, mainly the older type, she and her partner between them have 3 Jaguar cars.